DESIGN "If you can dream it, we can design it, and we can build it !"

Home Design is where.....

  • the impossible becomes possible,
  • the weak becomes structural,
  • the dull becomes exciting,
  • the earth becomes landscape,
  • the obstruction becomes the view,
  • the lost space is found,
  • the blah becomes passion,
  • the color becomes the art,
  • the ideas become reality.

    We offer full plan design, from initial concept, to a complete building permit documentation.

    The design process can start with :
  • a thought
  • a list of requirements
  • a group of similar to's
  • a sketch {napkins welcome}
  • a photo of an existing house
  • an existing plan
  • Many designs are based around features that are of existing homes and are blended in to the new design. Our drawing tools provide you with 3 - Dimensional views to better enable you to visualize your dream home or project.

    When Building you should be "Right by design"


    We built and/or designed custom homes from the very complex {involving indoor swimming pools and with steel beams} to the smaller less complex with personal touches. The custom home is an expression of the home owners wants and needs. Very few custom homes are built exactly as they were planned. Changes are made due to Architect Error, or owners change ("now I see what this looks Like"). Our design capability allows us to rapidly make changes or corrections in most cases small or no change to cost or schedule. NOTE - Efficient building can save thousands of construction loan dollars.


    We design and build addtions with a variety of size and complexity. Example projects:

  • Second Floor Addition - This project generally involves the removal of the existing roof (often a cape style) upgrading the former attic floor, adding walls, new roof etc. NOTE -
  • Connect to Addition - These projects are often, garage, garage with master suite Family Room attached, Sunroom attached, to mention a few
  • Basement or Attic build out - These are usually the more cost effective way to at square footage.
  • Addition of Bathroom or Kitchen - Many of these project change the use of an exisiting space to accomidate changing needs.