Home owners give thanks to my efforts on this page. I would also like to give thanks to them for their courage, faith, creativity, passion and resources to make their projects possible.


"Thanks again for all your hard work and the many hours you spent on my dream house. Your dedication and design is superior! You are very easy to work with, and incorporated our unique needs into the plan! Thanks again! I truly enjoyed working with you. My parents also, have nothing but praise for you!"


Dear Tom

"I was very nervous when I first met you and you agreed to build my house, my anxiety calmed down very fast after spending a few months with you. I told my wife that we were very fortunate to have you as our builder. It was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Very easy to work with, very experienced ,and very patient. Your ability to adopt to our taste was very unique, your devotion ,hard work and knowledge are unmatchable. Tom I would love to sell my house and have you build a new one for me , to repeat the great experience again. Years after you built my house I still call on you and you are always there..."



"Thank you for the fabulous job you did building our house. After the fire we were devastated and contractors were coming out of the woodwork to rebuild our house. I contacted several and never got a good feeling that they had our best interests in mind. Most were trying only to rebuild the structure as a 1950's ranch that we had previous to the fire. Your vision to build a modern colonial has made our life's happier and easier. Our property value has more than doubled. We cannot find any defects in the construction or heating and cooling systems. We also appreciate all the time you took to deal with the insurance company to get this beautiful house built. You went above and beyond what any contractor would have done in this situation. My family and I appreciate more than you will ever know how much you have done for us. You will always be our first call for construction issues, and our only personnel to recommendation."

Thank you again,


"After our house burned due to a spontaneous combustion in the basement we were very fortunate in obtaining the services of Tom Hawkins to redesign and build a replacement home on the same footprint. He made many suggestions on a new layout that has made the house more comfortable and pleasant to live in and more efficient to operate. His suggestions regarding replacing a den with a great room left the design much more open. Upgrading to granite counter tops allowed the house to have a more elegant feel while various minor improvements to the master bath, bedroom, kitchen, steps and handrails allowed more comfortable access for individuals with limited mobility. We were happy to use his services again when we decided to upgrade our unfinished garage attic space to a semi-separated apartment."

"He worked very closely with us on any changes that were made. He employed sub-contractors which were reliable and pleasant as well. He is well informed with respect to building codes and requirements which must be met to satisfy building inspectors."

"We would recommend the use of his services by others seeking to construct a new home or modify an existing one."

"If you have specific questions, I may be reached at {request contact info}"